Costa Rica – Day 3


What a day.
This morning we had a great breakfast that Don’s wife Marjorie made for us. Scrambled eggs with black beans & rice. Seriously delicious.
Then we went to downtown San Jose to the bank to get our exit visas & cash some traveler’s checks. Lunch at Rosti Pollo(Poyo means chicken), it was one of the best tasting meals I’ve ever had. (That’s saying something)
At 2pm we went to a prison to speak to the inmates. Usually I don’t know what I’m going to speak on before I minister. This case was no different. But when I started to speak the Holy Spirit began to really minister to these men about what He was trying to do to them while they were in prison. Afterwards we got to pray for each one of them. God spoke many prophetic words to them. At the end one man testified that he had been really considering killing someone in the prison because he was so angry but he said that as I spoke and when we laid hands on him everything changed. Another man said that when we laid hands on him the power of God was flowing into him. Another man, when we laid hands on him I heard the word “Leadership” and God had me prophecy over him that God wanted to use him in leadership. After the Lord spoke manyh things to him he said in English, “I have waited many years for this day.” Another fellow testified that the Lord had spoken to him this morning saying that he was sending three angels to him today.
Tonight we ministered at a Bible school. After I taught for an hour and a half the Lord had me pray for them. About 10 of them got filled with the Holy Spirit and got their prayer language. It was a blessing.
After the meeting several students said they were amazed that I spoke on the same things the pastor had been speaking on for the last several weeks.
God is working through us down here. Please continue to pray for us that the ministry would affect many.
I found out tonight that my friend Don is overseeing about 160 Bible schools all over central America and South America.
If you want to support him go to our church’s web site and give through the missions trip button. Don & Elmer could use the money. They are doing a really great work and these men are faithful.
Love y’all

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