One Of My Heroes

Hey Friends,

I want to introduce you to a person whom God has used in my life in a powerful way:
He is a powerful preacher of the Gospel. God also used him at my ordination service back in 2005 to call Nancy & I out of the audience to prophecy over us. 
Here’s the video of that:

That was amazing because he did not know that out of all the people that were being ordained that night, I was the only one being ordained for the first time as a pastor. He also did not know that I worked there and was in charge of that particular conference, but the prophecy said, “You have to go back…” when he said that I knew he was talking about going back to my former church to pastor there.
Anyway, Bishop Bismark has a blog and I wanted you to see it. He is doing a powerful work in Zimbabwe, take a quick moment and read the description of what he just did recently. It’s a powerful testimony. 
Love y’all

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