Back To Hearing His Voice

Have you heard?

He’s speaking.
Have you heard?
He’s speaking to you.
Have you heard?
Are you listening?
Did you know that He’s speaking to you?
There was a little boy named Samuel. Going to bed one night after fulfilling his duties in the temple of the Lord. He laid down and heard a voice calling his name. He thought it was the high priest that he worked with, but it wasn’t. It was the Lord calling his name.
When I was a little boy, 8 yrs old, I was getting ready for school and I heard a voice saying “There’s going to be a new boy at school today. I want you to take care of him for me.” When I got to school that day 1/2 way through the morning there was a new boy. I had heard the voice of God. He spoke to me. He introduced His voice to me.
When I was 13 I saw my brother Vince writing in his journal. I asked him what he was doing. He said, I’m talking to the Lord and I write down what He says to me. I said, “Can I do that?” He said, “I usually just start by writing, ‘My Son,…’ then I just listen and the Lord let’s me know what to write. I just write it down.” I ran down to my bedroom and did what he said. To my delight I heard God’s voice again.
I’ve been doing just what my brother told me since I was 13 and faithfully every time I’ve positioned myself to hear His voice, He has spoken.
I love hearing His voice.
Why be willing to live without it?
If it’s available to you why not position yourself to hear His voice?
If you’ve never heard His voice, why not ask Him to introduce His voice to you?
There’s a lot to learn about this, but the most important thing is faith.
Take a step of faith and ask Him to speak to you.
John 10 says that His sheep know His voice, they hear His voice, they follow His voice.
Enjoy your new found fellowship with Him. 🙂
If you want some more inspiration in this area, search for the labels on journaling.

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