Videos from my Liberia Trip

Hey Friends,
Here’s some videos of my trip to Liberia last month.
I had an amazingly blessed time.
Thanks to all who helped by contributing finances and prayer.


This is Timothy Fahyiah, he received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. He is so excited.


Pastor Elwood and his wife and two children returned to Liberia from America three years ago. He had gone back to Africa for a funeral when the Lord got ahold of his heart. They now live in a home with no running water and no electricity. Can you imagine leaving America to live in that situation? This man has a heart of gold and is being highly effective in the Kingdom of God. In just three years he has started this church, with over 100 members, a gradeschool, and a medical clinic, fully staffed. He needs continued funds to keep all these going, so if you want to help send some money in! It’s amazing what this man and his wife Yata have accomplished in three years.


Pastor Steven Lewis was a delight to be with. He manages the youth at his father’s church. What a sweet spirit. He and his father are believing God for the funds to build a building for their gradeschool($25,000). If they are able to do this, many more children will come to their school because, if they have a building then the government will provide lunches. They’re also needing money for a video player, tv and generator to run a bible school($1,200).
If you are interested in contributing to any of these projects you can do it through our church and get a tax write-off.
God bless,

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