Jesus Satisfies Like No Other Can

Tithing does not affect your salvation, but it may affect how you live.

Let’s get our eyes off being wealthy and fix our eyes on Jesus.
Fall in love with Him—not prosperity.
Jesus satisfies like no other can.
If you love money it has you.
If you love Jesus, money can’t hold you.
We must not pursue wealth—no matter what!
Jesus is our financier.

If I pursue Jesus—He’ll make me wealthy.
But it won’t matter to me; I’ll be faithful because He is faithful.

Be strong and powerful in your job.
Wherever God has you right now be a blessing to them.
God’s blessings will flow through you.
Let it all flow through love!

Tithing can be bondage.
Does it come from your heart or are you doing it because you have to?
Are you doing it because you are afraid?
Love me with your money! That’s where the blessing is!


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