The Ultimate Father

A little child who needs his Daddy. Where are you Pops? Where’s my Papu? Hey Pa!? Daddy? This longing for a father, for the presence, compassion and wisdom of a father. For strong arms that leave no question of safety nor resolve. For the voice that makes it clear the boundaries of life. For the one who provides and surprises with a treat. Who brings a gift that thrills. Who sits and holds, he gently tells a story or excites with a tale of yesteryear. The one who brings the humor and makes it safe to laugh. The one who challenges to reach beyond. The one who stands on the side and speaks a word of wisdom to make the path easier. Or is like a library ready to be tapped for knowledge, insight or just a listening and understanding ear. That’s a Daddy. Are you one? Do you have one?
This void in the earth. This chasm. These hearts that break, are crushed or slowly eroded. Where’s the Daddy? Come forth Fathers. Hear the call Fathers. We know you might not have had one, but you still need to be one. Where’s the design? Where’s the model? He stands waiting with His arms wide open. His heart is already toward you, you don’t need to worry about that. He’s not waiting to spank you but to hug and accept you. Be enveloped now in who He is. Be transformed by this proximity to love in its truest form. Jesus loves you this I know. He is the exact representation of the Father. The Father gap in the world will be filled by men who follow Jesus. Are you ready to follow? Come on.

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