Be My Representative

Son, being very close to Me is called intimacy—that brings forth fruit.

I am sending you forth to take back My lost lambs, the ones who have scattered and wandered for the unfaithfulness of their shepherds.
The shepherds weren’t true to Me and they did not represent Me accurately.
Will you represent Me?
Will you hold close to My bosom so the dividing line between Me and you is obscured?

Be My representative to so many lost and hurting.
I have no one else to watch over them.

Son, I will lead you step by step. I will help you and cover you.
I need this done for Me. I need these sheep covered and loved.
I need them blessed and fed. Feed My lambs, son.
Be strong in My might and feed My lambs, son.
They’re hurting and My word is not reaching them.

But with the coming forth of My word there is light.
And they will be My glorious ones, the ones who shine brighter than the noonday sun. They will run through a troop and leap over a wall. They will conquer the darkness.

Walk in love, son. Walk in My blessing. My hand is upon you.