The Holy War Rages On

The debate between Creationism and Evolutionism is a war of ideas where the victor’s spoil is great. As each idea’s adherents seek to champion their belief, the propagation of their idea over the other becomes the goal. They say it is science versus religion.

I say it is purely religion.

Those on the side of Creation believe what they believe because they want to believe it. They may have been presented with thoughts, teachings, scriptures then something they hear or see in those teachings matches what they see in the world around them. They see that there is a god who designed and built the world we live in.

Those who have chosen to reject the existence of God have sought to define a method for the development of the world we live in. Since they reject the existence of God they must reject any existence of intelligent design. To acknowledge intelligence in design requires the acknowledging the existence of God.

It seems that “scientists” come into the study of origins with a presupposition; they either come believing in the existence of God or disbelieving it. This presupposition predisposes them to an outcome of their study regardless of empirical data and scientific method.

If this predisposition that I propose is true then each side will manipulate, skew, distort and ignore whatever data or evidence does not match their predisposition.

We therefore have a war of religion: Creationism vs. Evolutionism!