Let Me Build

Son, let Me build.
You’ll be amazed at what I can do, especially through one who is yielded to Me.
Yield son.

Son, don’t fear what might happen but dream with Me.
Let Me show you what could be—draw near and let Me show you.


Walk in My Abundance

Son, seeing is something you can always do.
I have granted this to you.
Open your eyes in the Spirit and things will be revealed to you, things that will bless others thing that will bring order to your life, work and ministry—I love you son.
All things are yours. Walk in My abundance.


I Am Doing a Work

I am doing a work, son.
I am exalting Myself higher in the earth this day.
I am letting man see My glory and My strength.

What I do will surprise you.

But know that I only act by love.
Be ready to pick up that which falls from this great shaking.


Walk in My Ways

Monumental is the task that is before you.
But My yoke is easy and My burden is light.
Walk in My ways and you’ll see My will come.

I’m teaching you the things you need to know.
I love you, son.
Victory is in My word and in your mouth.
Speak what I say.
Bring prayer up to a higher priority.

You can do what I’ve called you to, just buckle down and start doing it.
I love you, son.


By Faith We Receive from God

Faith is important: without it you can just get in line with the world and all that they are receiving, but by faith receive from the hand of God.

By faith a bridge spans the chasm between us and the blessings of God.
By faith we have it on earth as it is in heaven.
By faith we escape the corruption that is in the world.
By faith we receive from God.
God is ready willing and able to complete what He said.
By faith we receive.The Bible is the menu to the supernatural happening in your life.


Let My Word Rise in You

Son, keep speaking for Me—let My word rise in you.
Let it be sharp and penetrating.
Let it cut deeply into the hearts and lives of those I bring.
I will bring them son.
You will increase more and more, shedding light on things that have been dark in people’s hearts—places they couldn’t get any light on.
I’ll speak through you with stories and wisdom and understanding that will rescue many.

I love you, son.
Thank you for speaking for Me in this way.
I will reward you.
Stay close to Me son.
Don’t wander from your source.
All the light you have comes from Me.
I will fill you, son.
On days I don’t give you something, don’t try to come up with something on your own—just rest and know that I’m at work. This is a joint effort son; you’re not flying solo on this.


Sow the Word

Sow the word into your heart and there will be an abundant harvest—both in preaching and in all areas of your life.
My word is strong and powerful—let it penetrate your heart, soul and mind.

There is nothing that can hide itself from being affected by My word.
Let My word prevail.

Son, I am doing things to continue to move My agenda forward.
Watch closely what I will do.
Glory shall abound.
The beauty of My house shall astound.