Ponder This Word…

This word the Lord spoke to me last week is part of what I was teaching Sunday at church about having ears to hear. We all put up too many filters in our hearts and minds to block out what we don’t want to hear. Sadly too often God’s voice is blocked out by those same filters.

We need to remove them. Listen to the sermon and ponder this word.

My child, you do hear my voice and the essence of that is the Father/Son relationship. You know your Father. You know when I’m speaking. You have willfully tuned in to hear. You want to know. Your heart is inclined to me. You want to hear me speak.

These are all tunings to hear:

  • your will,
  • your attention,
  • your time,
  • your peace,
  • your silence,
  • your honor.

All of these are dials to be tuned to gain audience, to gain access, to hear my voice.

Please click here to listen to the message where I shared this word.